Vendor Spotlight | Back Patio Event Design

So it's happened! The love of your life, your boo and better half has popped the question. Huzzah! So now you're newly engaged and are faced with the daunting task of planning a wedding. It's A LOT. It really is. You have to pick a date, find a venue, create a guest list, and basically plan the biggest party of your life. It should be fun right?? I can't tell you how often I hear couples on their wedding day say, "I'm so glad it's over." It doesn't have to be that way. It SHOULDN'T be that way! 

As a wedding photographer, I know how stressful these decisions can be. Many couples can be overwhelmed by just the sheer volume of options especially in a destination city like San Diego. This is the first in a series of "vendor spotlight" posts where I introduce various vendors that I have worked with in the past. 

Say "hello" to the fabulous, type-A, dynamic duo that is Back Patio Event Design. Together they bring your vision to life, and create personal designs for timeless gatherings by seamlessly blending their East Coast and Southern roots with classic, laid back West Coast style.


Meet Laura

My mind works like a math problem. When it comes to operations and logistics, I'm confident in saying that 'I get it.' The concept of managing an event from start to finish is fun for me. Making sure guests are accommodated, operations are running smoothly, and any chance of a hiccup, I'm ready with 'back ups for the back ups' to keep the event rolling. Experiencing my own wedding, the joy that can go into the planning with guidance by my side made it fun from start to finish. No joke. There isn't one part of my wedding that I would re-do, and I hope to bring that to other couples as much as I possibly can.

My favorite part of wedding planning is the decor! I love bringing together segments of the event with signage, furniture, accent pieces and florals. Leaving my type A behind, my creative comes out in full force, blending different styles, genres and adding my own personal touch. My dream eventually will be offering florals into our event packages, because that's one place I can find complete calm. Throwing on some tunes and diving into floral arranging for hours!

Favorite Color?  Pink. Always pink. Thank you Lilly Pulitzer. 'Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.' -Lilly P

Favorite Food?  Growing up on the east coast I will never deny a Wawa hoagie or a slice of pizza.

Favorite Music?  Phish. Jam music. Classic rock - preferably on vinyl. Live shows are my guilty pleasure. Nothing exists around me when I am checking out a live show. 

Favorite Things to Do?   SEEING LIVE MUSIC, shopping and playing vinyl with my hubby and father, playing with florals, grabbing a coffee and cruising Paper Source (I do this once a week for least thats what I tell my husband!) and staying active with a few workouts or a hike during the week


Meet Kayla

I grew up working with my mother's small catering business, and absolutely loved anytime we worked weddings, because I got to see events from the production side. I loved what a 'to do' it always was :)  I honestly enjoy every single aspect of planning and executing weddings, probably because I am very goal oriented and logistically minded. Where most people view wedding planning as overwhelming, I see it as goal after goal that I get to accomplish and check off my list. Making sure things run smoothly at the event is then as simple as putting into practice everything you've already set up!

To be quite honest, my favorite part of any event is making things happen. I am definitely a 'do'er more than anything and love taking control of events in order to get things done for people without them even thinking about it. While I love all of the prettiness of a wedding, I most enjoy simply serving people on the happiest day of their life.

Favorite Color?  I think I would have to say navy blue.

Favorite Food?  All of the carbs and dairy. Big fan of yogurt. And cheese - all the dairy.

Favorite Music?  Love classic rock, anything from the Rat Pack era, and country music.

Favorite Things to Do?  Baking is something that I have always loved, and really come back into within the last couple years; beach bike rides with my husband, and camping - which I could definitely use more of in my life.


Don't let the stress of wedding planning get you down! Do yourself a favor and hire a professional. Seriously. Do it. All the things that make you want to pull your hair out or run and hide are the things that wedding planners and coordinators LIVE for! Literally. It's their job to make your life easier. And they enjoy it! Like a lot! 

The number one thing I hear couples say on their wedding day is, "I'm so glad it's over!" It's normal to feel some relief, but to be more excited that it's over than to be enjoying it right then and there? A wedding planner can make sure that the entire process is nothing but enjoyable for you, so you can truly enjoy what is most important - your marriage!!