Nikki + Michael | Engaged | Mike Hess Brewing | North Park

Let me start by saying that I'm waaaaay behind in my bliggity-blog posts. Spoiler alert!! By the time you read this I will have already photographed their wedding.

Sooooo....what do you get when you combine two punny (see what I did there? eh? eh?) goofs in love, craft beer, and a camera? MAGIC! 

Nikki is a type A, detail oriented, and lovable neat freak. Michael is a genuine, carefree and lovable not-so-neat freak. They both LOVE puns, their dog Bodie, and beer! So much so they incorporate all those things into their amazing wedding! (More of that to come in their wedding post.)  Together they balance each other hops and malt. 

So we took to Mike Hess Brewing to enjoy some laughs and beer!

I got there early to introduce myself to the staff, snag us a table and make sure we had a plethora of beer ready to partake in. I didn't realize Michael had also gotten there early too, so I may have ordered us too much beer. Too much beer? Is that really a thing? NAH.  

We got lucky and happened to pick a night that was pretty slow, so the manager was able to escort us down into the beer vault. That's probably not what it's actually called but it sounds way more epic! 

Thank you Nikki and Michael for just being so dang cool! I had so much fun laughing, drinking and hanging out with you both!